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Birthday present

 4CD-Boxset 2012 Just in time for the 85th birthday of Martin Böttcher on June, 17th 2012, the Warner Music Group Germany released a 4-CD-Box with the fitting title „Die 85 größten Film- und TV-Melodien" (The 85 greatest Film- and TV-melodies) and with the CD of Weltbild with Karl-May-music and the Allscore-CD with the music of the 80's TV series „Sonderdezernat K1" this is the third present for the birthday of Germany's prolific composer being released in 2012.

Especially for beginners of collecting Martin Böttcher music this CD-box is of interest as it combines several reissues of past CDs, so on CD1 you will also find music from the Karl-May-movies, this time in the interpretation style of the 80ies. On CD2 and CD3 you have the content of the former double-CD „Die großen Film- und TV-Melodien" of 2005 containing 25 TV-themes by Martin Böttcher and 25 tracks composed mainly by other composers (e.g. Henry Mancini, Ennio Morricone, Dimitri Tiomkin, Max Steiner and others). The fourth CD contains a mix of various LPs and CDs, among them „Forsthaus Falkenau", „Air Albatros", „Die Halbstarken", „Unser Haus in Kamerun" or the stereo versions of the „Sonderdezernat K1"-tracks and more.
Have a look at German Amazon, that also has preview samples of most of the tracks. The track-listing can also be found on the „record of the month"-page on this very site.

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QR-Code for your SmartPhone This strange pointillism on the left you already may have seen somewhere- and now here, too? What's that for? Well, that is a so called QR-Code. If you happen to own a SmartPhone (i.e. Apples iPod) and look for a special APP, i.e. BARCOO or the QR-reader, you can fotograph this code with the built-in camera and it will be transferred to the internet-address of these Martin-Böttcher-pages to be shown on the SmartPhone-browser without typing them manually.
A must-have, isn't it... - well, aaah --- ... yes.

New old music on CD

Gogo with Uschi The asking of the fans seems to have been heard by someone. Since October 20th, there is a new CD with music from the last seven movies made for cinema by Martin Böttcher. The CD is called "Go Go With Uschi - 23 Swinging Tunes From German Comedy And Thriller Movies" and was published by Brigade Mondaine under the Indigo label (EAN 4015698 676129). It contains 23 tracks of the movies "Dr. med. Fabian - Lachen ist die beste Medizin", "Bengelchen liebt kreuz und quer", "Ich schlafe mit meinem Mörder", "Verliebte Ferien in Tirol", "Klassenkeile", "Die Ente klingelt um 1/2 8" und "Willi wird das Kind schon schaukeln" and not only the main themes (that already have been on several CDs), but also rare vocals by Ben Maxwell and Don Blue.
See an overview of the CD at Soundtrackcollector.
View the CD at German AMAZON.

New Double-CD

Martin Böttcher - Die großen Film- und TV-Melodien The new double-CD with music by Martin Böttcher is out NOW. It reads Martin Böttcher - Die großen Film- und TV-Melodien. On CD 1 you will find 25 Tracks of cinema-movies and on CD 2 25 Tracks of TV-series'. The main title of this double may read "The Telefunken-Years", as all tracks originally were released under the Telefunken / Teldec-lable between 1968 and 1985, among them the main titles of "Sonderdezernat K1", "Das Kriminalmuseum", "Es muss nicht immer Kaviar sein", "Kara Ben Nemsi Effendi", "Schöne Ferien" and many more.
Order-number: Warner Music Group - 5050467-3717-2-9. - View CDs at German AMAZON (with Musik-Clips)

Das Beste am Norden...

Winnetou-Clip abspielen ...under this title one can see in the regional TV-programmes of the North German station NDR several short video-clips, mainly in the morning, when the evening programmes are being repeated. Among these clips last year was the one on the right, showing the main actor of the role of "Winnetou" in the famous open-air Karl-May-shows at Bad Segeberg in Schleswig-Holstein. Has it to be said by whom the music in the background is?
MPG-Video, 12 sec., © 2011 NDR
View the clip with the free of charge VLC-Player.

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Martin Böttcher on WIKIPEDIA

Martin Böttcher now is at the free Encyclopedia "Wikipedia"
Also you will find information about the Karl-May-movies.
If anything seems not to be complete you can provide additional information.

Collecting soundtracks?

Visit the Martin-Böttcher-collector's pages at Soundtrackcollectors

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