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Filmspool English Movie titles in brackets, with year of release.
CAMG = Corel All Movie Guide 1 (CDROM)
CAMG has Martin Böttcher under 2 (TWO) names in their catalogue:
"Bottcher" and "Boettcher" and this with two different film lists. The "experts" should have known better! But they still have more than the acclaimed MS Cinemania 97. This one even doesn't have a bit of a movie list.

The internet-page of the All Movie Guide shows more movies than the CDROM by the way, and now even for the German spelling "Böttcher". The page at the Internet Movie Database has the complete list of the Martin Böttcher movies and most of the former errors there have been removed in the meantime.

record covers

  1. Der Hauptmann und sein Held (1955)
  2. Die Halbstarken (1956) (Teenage Wolfpack, 1957 / The Hooligans)
    Federal Movie Award 1957, Silver Filmstring for best newcomer director. Movie-poster with spelling-error. Just move the mouse onto it.
  3. Lemkes sel. Witwe (1957)
  4. Kindermädchen für Papa gesucht (1957)
  5. Spielbankaffäre (1957)
  6. Endstation Liebe (1957)
  7. Schmutziger Engel (1958)
  8. Ihr 106. Geburtstag (1958)
  9. Das verbotene Paradies (1958)
    This movie had to be presented fourteen-times to the certification authorities before it was released, (translated title: "Forbidden Paradise" - a title like this must be "dangerous" for the viewers...).
  10. Dreizehn kleine Esel und der Sonnenhof (1958)
  11. Ohne Mutter geht es nicht (1958)
  12. Meine 99 Bräute (1958)
  13. Am Tag, als der Regen kam (1959) (The Day the Rains Came, 1959)
  14. Die Frau am dunklen Fenster (1960)
  15. Pension Schöller (1960)
  16. Marina (1960)
  17. Willy, der Privatdetektiv (1960)
  18. Das schwarze Schaf (1960) (The Black Sheep, 1960)
  19. Auf Engel schießt man nicht (1960) (You Don't Shoot at Angels, 1960)
  20. Und so was nennt sich Leben (1960)
  21. Der Fälscher von London (1961) (The Forger of London, 1961)
    CAMG does not mention the music by M.B.
  22. Der Hochtourist (1961)
  23. Mörderspiel (1961)
  24. Unser Haus in Kamerun (1961)
  25. Max, der Taschendieb (1962)
  26. Das Gasthaus an der Themse (1962) (The Inn on the River, 1962)
    CAMG states the director as "John E. Vohlers", actually his name is "Alfred Vohrer". The music by M.B. is not mentioned.
  27. Er kann's nicht lassen (1962)
  28. Straße der Verheißung (1962)
  29. Original movie-picture

  30. Der Schatz im Silbersee (1962) (The Treasure of Silver Lake, 1965 - Der Schatz im Silbersee, 1966)
    CAMG misspells Götz George as "George Goetz", who actually is the son of the reknown actor Heinrich George (George is the family name!). The same happens in all other movies Götz George played in. CAMG also tells us, that the second forename of novelist Karl May is "Friedrich". Surprise, but true...
    American viewers are told on the movie posters that it was shot in "Flaming Arrow Color" - GRIN...
    Golden Screen 1964, Bambi 1964, Movie Award of the Federal Minister of the Interior

    Original movie-picture

  31. Der Schwarze Abt (1963) (The Black Abbott, 1963 - TV only)
  32. Das Geheimnis der schwarzen Witwe (1963) (The Secret of the Black Widow, 1963)
  33. Winnetou I (1963) (Apache Gold, 1965 / Winnetou the Warrior)
    CAMG is completely wrong. Lex Barker ALWAYS played the Old Shatterhand-part and NEVER Winnetou (that was the role of Pierre Brice). The "Alpine Terrain" mentioned actually is Yugoslavian Terrain and the so-called "decidedly Teutonic look" of the Indians is VERY surprising, because the actors were gathered among the local inhabitants and these, of course, also were Yugoslavians. We also are informed, that this movie is the first of a two-part saga. Where the hell does "Winnetou III" come from?
    For this movie American viewers are told on the posters about the invention of another new color format: "Apache Color" - GRIN... grin...
    Golden Screen 1964, Bambi 1965

  34. CCC-Filmlogo

  35. CCC-movie-jingle Artur Brauner Film (1964)
    Soundclip   Fanfare, 13 Sek.
  36. Das Phantom von Soho (1964) (The Phantom of Soho, 1964)
    CAMG forgot to mention that the music is by M.B.
  37. Wartezimmer zum Jenseits (1964) (Waiting Room to the Beyond, 1964)

  38. Diamantenhölle am Mekong (1964) (Cave of Diamonds / Mission to Hell (US Titel), 1964)
    Die Diamantenhölle am Mekong on DVD at JPC
  39. Das Ungeheuer von London City (1964) (The Monster of London City, 1964)
    CAMG once again forgot to mention that the music is by M.B.
  40. Der Schut (1964) (US-title: The Shoot)
  41. Winnetou II (1964) (Last of the renegades, 1964)
    CAMG: No film description and no credits and no mentioning, that the music is by M.B.
    Golden Screen 1965, Bambi 1966
  42. Unter Geiern (1966) (Frontier Hellcat, 1966 / Among Vultures)
    According to CAMG this movie too has been shot in the "Alps". These today are still around South Germany, Austria and Switzerland - and not in Yugoslavia, where these movies have been shot.
    Old Surehand is by the way written at the CAMG, as at "eastwest-records" (EX-Teldec), editors of some Karl-May-filmmusic-CDs, with an "H" (inspite of Karl May's complete different opinion to this.) Have a look at movie #41 above.
  43. Der Ölprinz (1964) (Rampage at Apache Wells, 1966)
    CAMG thinks Stewart Granger is playing the "Old Shatterhand"-part. We know better. Also Cinemania 97 has this opinion. Hey boys, had a look into other peoples books, or what?
  44. Winnetou III (1965) (The Desperado Trail, 1965)
  45. Lange Beine - lange Finger (1965/66)
    Marked as "Valuable", Script Award of the Federal Minister of the Interior 1964
  46. Old Surehand (1965) (Flaming Frontier, 1968)
    CAMG once again tells us Stewart Granger is playing "Old Shatterhand". (Please, have a look at the original movie title folks.)
  47. Winnetou und das Halbblut Apanatschi (1966) (US-title: The Half Blood)
  48. Zärtliche Haie (1967)
  49. Die blaue Hand (1967) (The Creature with the Blue Hand, 1970)
    CAMG of course does not mention M.B.'s music. Again the director is Mr. "Vohlers" (see above).
  50. Der Mönch mit der Peitsche (1967) (The Monk With the Whip, 1967)
  51. Die Ente klingelt um halb 1/2 8 (1968) (The Duck rings at Half Past Seven, 1969)
  52. Original movie picture

  53. Winnetou und Shatterhand im Tal der Toten (1968)
    (US-title: The man with the long gun, English title: Valley of Death)
    The last Karl-May-movie with the music of Martin Böttcher reunites the main actors of the first (Schatz im Silbersee) on the big screen.

  54. Original movie picture

  55. Bengelchen liebt kreuz und quer (1969) (24-hour Lover, 1970)
  56. Klassenkeile (1969)
  57. Dr.med. Fabian - Lachen ist die beste Medizin (1969)
  58. Ich schlafe mit meinem Mörder (1970) (Dial Love for Murder, 1970)
  59. Verliebte Ferien in Tirol (1971)
  60. Willi wird das Kind schon schaukeln (1972)
  61. Brot und Steine (1979)
  62. Tropfen auf heisse Steine (Gouttes d'eau sur pierres brûlantes, Fr. 2000) - see below

Movie-poster "Die Halbstarken" - with spelling error
Die Halbstarken, 1956

Endstation Liebe
Endstation Liebe, 1957

Schatz im Silbersee
Der Schatz im Silbersee, 1962

Winnetou 1.Teil
Winnetou, 1.Teil, 1963

Winnetou 2.Teil - World premiere
Winnetou, 2.Teil, 1964
World premiere with Lex Barker, Pierre Brice and Karin Dor

Diamantenhölle am Mekong
Diamantenhölle..., 1964

Winnetou und das Halbblut Apanatschi
...Apanatschi, 1966

Der Schut - actually used movie-poster
Der Schut, 1964

View Master "Old Surehand"
View Master Old Surehand
21 3D-pictures on 3 reels

View Master "Winnetou 3"
View Master Winnetou 3
21 3D-pictures on 3 reels

View Master "...Apanatschi"
View Master ...Apanatschi
21 3D-pictures on 3 reels

(There are also ViewMaster-pictures from Der Ölprinz. The only existing copy is stored at the Karl-May- archive.)

Martin Böttcher and Stewart Granger
Martin Böttcher and Stewart Granger
at the first night of "Unter Geiern"
Dec. 08th, 1964

and then there was...

  • Tropfen auf heisse Steine (Gouttes d'eau sur pierres brûlantes, Fr. 2000)
    In this French drama-movie Francoise Hardy sung the track "Träume" (composed by Martin Böttcher) during the ending-credits (and also was credited as first track at the music-list). With this track the movie-list of Martin Böttcher is increased with another movie.
    Thanks for this information goes to Michael Rosier

  • Die Strafe Gottes (Ger. 2004)
    animated feature, 10min, color, with a short music-clip of "Wunder der Liebe" (Wonderland of Love).

  • Dr. M. schlägt zu (Dt./Span. 1971)
    Trash director Jess Frank (just one of several alias-names of Spanish Jesus Franco Manera) dares to use in several scenes of this "amusing horror-comedy" (ZDF-Videotext, 07. Jan. 2001) without asking the "Striptease Blues" of the Brian Edgar Wallace movie "Das Phantom von Soho". The authorship of Martin Böttchers of this track is not told to the audience.

  • Sumuru, die Tochter des Satans (1967)
    For this trash-movie (director: Lindsay Shonteff; actors: George Nader, Shirley Eaton, Klaus Kinski) Böttcher's main-theme of "Diamantenhölle vom Mekong" was re-used; also several Böttcher-tracks of Wallace-movies have been used for the musical background without asking.
    As in the obove mentioned movie the authorship of the real composer is not revealed. Instead, in the end-credits an Daniel White is to be the composer, and according to the magazine "Illustrierte Film-Bühne" a so called Johnny Scott was to be responsible for the music.

    Thanks for this information goes to Till Hiddemann.

    Er kanns nicht lassen, 1962 Der Schut, 1964 - rare withdrawn poster

  • Four of the best Karl-May-movies are now available on DVD (European code 2), uncut, with excellent restored picture (Cinemascope) and sourround-sound and many interesting background-information.
    New are a fifth and sixth DVD, but they can't quite compare with the quality of the Kinowelt-DVDs (e.g. no genuine Cinemascope. But "...Tal der Toten" at least has some stereo-sound-effects.).
    Winnetou 1 - Kinowelt DVD 500005 Winnetou 2 - Kinowelt DVD 500006 Winnetou 3 - Kinowelt DVD 500007 Der Schatz im Silbersee - Kinowelt DVD 500008 Winnetou und Shatterhand im Tal der Toten - Warner Vision / polyband 75019-0 Old Shatterhand - Warner Vision / polyband 75020-6

    New DVDs with Heinz Rühmann (as "Father Brown") and the music of Martin Böttcher

    Das schwarze Schaf - PTM entertainment, PTD 2000 Er kanns nicht lassen - PTM entertainment, PTD 2001

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